PS Commentators’ Predictions for 2021

Published in the Project Syndicate

With Robert Muggah

With all due caveats after a year that upended so many earlier predictions, Project Syndicate commentators have offered suggestions for what to watch out for in the 12 months ahead. Uncertainty may be an abiding fact of life, but that is no reason to throw up our hands and let the future wash over us. As many of the contributions show, the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines and prospects of an economic recovery in 2021 offer grounds for hope. We should also expect renewed momentum behind efforts to address climate change. Similarly, the eagerly awaited change of political leadership in the United States will bring new opportunities for global cooperation, but only to those who are ready to seize them. The task, as always, will be to leverage what we do know while remaining ever mindful of our own epistemic limits.

Robert Muggah

The global green transition will accelerate – and not a moment too soon. Yes, geopolitical tensions, rampant misinformation and polarization, and deepening inequalities could derail efforts to ramp up climate action. But the arrival of the Biden administration (with former Secretary of State John Kerry as climate envoy) and COVID-19 vaccines offers some reassurance that the wind will be blowing in a greener direction.

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