New partners

The Igarapé Institute owes all of its victories to strong partnerships. The Institute is delighted to announce a series of new partners in 2019, bringing our total to over 100 strategic alliances. A shortlist includes:

Partners: Create Lab and the International Committee of the Red Cross
Mapping conflicts, violence and fragility and their consequences on humanitarian action.

Partners: Create Lab and World Health Organization 
Mapping pathogen spread and vaccination response.

Partner: Global Innovation Fund
Designing and deploying crime forecasting tools in South Africa, in partnership with government entities.

Partner:  Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre
Studying urban violence, organized crime, and internal displacement.

Partners: Luminate (Omidyar)
Strengthening smarter public security policies in Brazil, and expanding digital liberties and data protection in the region through new technologies.

Partner: Porticus
Increasing work opportunities to prisoners and former prisoners no Rio de Janeiro.

Partner: Uber
Mapping violence against women and girls in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.

Partners: UN Women and the Brazilian Peace Operations Center
Training 150 members of the military in mainstreaming and assisting with the inflow of refugees in Roraima, Brazil.

Igarapé Institute has also partnered with Google, McKinsey, Telmex, UNESCO, InteliGov, Microsoft, Adelphi, and EU and many other organizations and individuals who believe a safer world is not only possible – but achievable.

More than ever, the Igarapé Institute is convinced of the power of strategic partnerships in delivering collective impact. We look forward to working with all of you in this new year to help scale our efforts in improving safety and security for all.

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