Platform’s Methodology “Women in the Amazon: Conflicts and Violence”


With the aim of supporting discussions on public policies to combat and prevent violence against women in the Amazon, the Igarapé Institute developed the platform “Women in the Amazon: Conflicts and Violence.” This platform provides an overview of the various types of violence faced by women in the region, covering Brazil, Colombia, and Peru from 2017 to 2023.

In this technical note, you will find more information on the platform’s development and methodology: details on the geographical scope, the sample, and the selection of the types of violence analyzed (socio-environmental conflicts, lethal and non-lethal violence, political violence, and territorial pressure). It also provides the availability of information by type of source, variable, country, and year.

The figures provided by the platform and the integration of these data provide a comprehensive and detailed view, revealing the severity of the violence faced by women in the Amazon region and highlighting the urgent need for effective measures to prevent such tragedies.


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