Mapping the past and the present to anticipate a better future: Authors of ‘Terra Incognita’

Published in StratNews Global

With Robert Muggah

We can give people a better sense of what’s happening around them at a time of extreme confusion and a motivation to act. Because ultimately, the future is what we make it, says ‘Terra Incognita’ co-author Dr Robert Muggah. Professor Ian Goldwin added, “We are heading for a very dangerous and less prosperous world but if we learn our lessons, we can do much better as individuals, as a global community to gain signposts on what to do and how to do it, to create a better world.”

“Based on decades of research, with state-of-the-art satellite maps and analysis, the authors of ‘Terra Incognita: 100 Maps to Survive the Next 100 Years’ (book and dvd) chart humanity’s impact on the planet and the ways in which we can make a real impact to save it, and to thrive as a species.” With data presented through time-lapse graphics, they discuss COVID-19 and globalisation, the impact of sea level rise on cities around the world, immigration and why fears in the West are a myth, and the reality about inequality by tracing the paths of peoples, cities, wars, climates and technologies, on a global scale.

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