Igarapé Institute gathers international leaders in NY to discuss the Ecological Transformation Plan with the Minister of Finance

The Minister accepted Igarapé’s invitation to continue the discussions at a parallel event within the scope of the G20.

In the morning of this Tuesday (19th), the Igarapé Institute, in partnership with the Amazon Concertation and the Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forest and Agriculture, welcomed the Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad, and Special Advisor Rafael Dubeux to a breakfast meeting with an international group of stakeholders, policymakers, and civil society representatives. The purpose placed an opportunity for the Minister to present the Ecological Transformation Plan.

“Igarapé acknowledges this plan as Brazil’s passport to the league of developed countries. This leadership is not only important for the country but for other developing nations as well. We must leverage Brazil’s presidency in the G20 to increase ambition regarding financing for the green transformation of low and middle-income countries. Brazil should contribute not only in the realm of finance but also in bioeconomy, innovation, and energy transition, all linked to an agenda of reducing inequality,” stated the President and Co-founder of the Igarapé Institute, Ilona Szabó.

The Minister highlighted the significant challenge that the green energy transition poses from a global governance perspective. According to him, major economic blocs are currently competing rather than cooperating, and President Luís Inácio Lula da Silva’s role in the G20 will be to emphasize cooperation.

For Igarapé, the event’s importance lay in convening an international community eager to see Brazil back on the world stage with consistency, coherence, and responsibility. “It became evident that Brazil is missing multilateralism, and for multilateralism to strengthen, we require legitimate leadership, such as that of a developing country fulfilling its responsibilities,” said Ilona.

At the conclusion of the meeting, she invited the Minister and other attendees to continue these discussions, which will take place at a parallel event early next year in Rio de Janeiro, as part of Brazil’s G20 presidency.

Among those present were Jennifer Morgan, State Secretary and Special Representative for International Climate Policy at the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Juergen Voegele, Vice President for Sustainable Development at the World Bank; Carlos Felipe Jaramillo, Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean at the World Bank; Ian Goldin, Director of Oxford Martin Research Programmes on Technological and Economic Change, former Vice President of the World Bank, and advisor to former President Nelson Mandela, among others.


More information:

– Raphaël Lima – raphael.lima@igarape.org.br – +55 (21) 96555-9019

– João Veiga – joao@pensatacom.com – +55 (21) 99987-6094


About the Igarapé Institute:

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