Gun Trafficking and Violence

This edited book addresses the issues of gun trafficking and gun violence across different regions of the world: the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania. It seeks to identify global key trends on gun trafficking and related violence and discuss different enforcement measures.

Each chapter is written by teams of distinguished academics and/or experienced practitioners to include practitioner insights and policy proposals on issues related to gun violence and gun trafficking. Chapters offer an overview of violence and recent gun control debates in the regions, enumerate challenges, provide lessons learned, and recommend policy solutions.

An overview of the global small arms trade is provided at the beginning alongside a comparative analysis of common challenges and significant differences across the regions.

This book speaks to those in Criminology, International Relations, Public Policy, International Security, Public health and Law, and to civil society organizations, think tanks, research centers, policy analysts and policy makers involved in gun control debates.

Katherine Aguirre, Igarape’s researcher, contributed to the book with a chapter on the flow of illegal weapons in Central America.

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