Brazil’s gun lovers celebrate relaxation of firearms laws

Jair Bolsonaro delivers campaign pledge for looser regulation, despite murder rate

By Andres Schipani

Published in Financial Times

The loosening of Brazilian gun laws could not have come at a better time for Anna Vieira.

The same day that the 37-year-old holistic therapist signed up for shooting lessons, President Jair Bolsonaro delivered on a key campaign promise from last year’s election by broadening access to firearms for “good” law-abiding people.

Previously, Ms Vieira would have been subject to a rigorous assessment to prove that she was under threat and had an “effective need” to own a firearm.

Now, Brazilians with a clean criminal record can buy a gun if they pass a psychological test, have a proven ability to use firearms and live somewhere with a murder rate higher than 10 killings per 100,000 habitants — in effect every Brazilian state.

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