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Non-Serial Publications

Civic Space GPS Bulletin 3

The third Civic Space GPS Bulletin reports an increase in abuse of power

Non-Serial Publications

Climate change and crime in cities

Climate change is already disrupting citiesaround the world. Continued greenhouse gas emissions and warming are intensifying heat islands, contributing to water shortages, rising seas, increasing flood-related risks and worsening pollution. With over two thirds of the population expected to live in cities by 2030, the

Non-Serial Publications

Climate and Security in latin America and the Caribbean

The articles in this volume explore how climate contributes to insecurity in the LAC region. They resulted from a partnership between the Igarapé Institute and the Instituto Clima e Sociedade (iCS), both in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the support of the German Embassy in Brasília.

Non-Serial Publications

Brazil and francophone Africa

This paper aims at examining how francophone Africa presently perceives Brazil’s ambitions in light of the current and past economic, political and diplomatic relationships.

Non-Serial Publications

Counting Conflict Deaths

This briefing note is intended to assist the Inter-Agency and Experts Group (IAEG) on SDG indicators in developing an indicator to track the number of “conflictrelated deaths per 100,000 people”.

Non-Serial Publications

Disarming the FARC

[In Spanish] Study that examines the opportunities for disarmament of the FARC, drawing on evidence from around the world of what works, and what does not, when it comes to collecting weapons when wars come to an end.

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