Gen. Floriano Peixoto Vieira Neto

Retired Lieutenant General of the army with more than 40 years’ active experience (1973-2014) and vast international experience in peacekeeping and disaster relief. Graduate of the Academia das Agulhas Negras, with a master’s in Military Science and a doctorate in Policy, Strategy, and High Administration from the Command and General Staff College (CGSC). Experience in key-relations with government and non-government agencies in national and global contexts. Senior leader and operations planner/strategist with human resources and logistics with experience in both situations – national and international. Instructor in military schools and at the university level. Coordinator and assessor for interagency forces in Brazil and abroad. He was chief of operations of the 1st Brazilian contingency in Haiti – Peacekeeping Force (2004); Force Commander at MINUSTAH (2009-2010) – including the period of the country’s earthquake, rendering assistance to victims, coordinating international humanitarian aid and participating in diverse groups in order to reconstruct the country.