Eduarda Hamann

Eduarda Passarelli Hamann is a lawyer, and holds a master’s and a doctorate degree in international relations. Since 2001, she works with international peace and security. Her main areas of interest include peacekeeping operations, multidimensional missions (civilian, police and military), Brazilian foreign policy, international organizations, responsibility to protect and while protecting, and south-south cooperation.

She is currently a Senior Researcher and Special Advisor at Igarapé. In recent years, she has also been involved in teaching activities in undergraduate and postgraduate courses of international relations at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (MBA), Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (undergraduate) and Cândido Mendes University (MBA). She also had the opportunity to teach in diplomatic and military schools, such as Instituto Rio Branco and Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras, in Brazil, and the Foreign Service Institute, in the USA. Parallel to her teaching activities, she did research and provided consulting services to various Brazilian and international governmental and non-governmental institutions, such as the World Bank, the Brazilian Ministry of Social Development, Viva Rio and Canal Futura.

In addition to articles and reports issued by the Igarapé Institute dealing with the aforementioned themes, her most recent publications include reflections on Brazil’s profile in 70 years of participation in UN operations (Konrad Adenauer 2017, Military Review 2016), reforming the UN Security Council from a Brazilian perspective (Military Review 2015), Brazilian civilian experts working in unstable contexts (IPEA 2013), and “responsibility to protect” and “while protecting” (SAIIA / ISS, Oct.2012; NOREF, Sep.2012 and CEBRI, Sep.2012).